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Motio, Inc. and Focus Business Solutions Team Up to Increase the Value of IBM Cognos for the South American Market

Motio inks partnership with Focus Business Solutions, continues South American Expansion.

Dallas, Texas October 9th, 2012 – Motio, an award winning producer of the largest breadth of software products designed to extend IBM Cognos, and Focus Business Solutions today announced their partnership, further strengthening Motio’s reach in Argentina, Chile, Peru and other emerging high-growth markets in South America.

Focus Business Solutions, with locations in Argentina, Chile and Peru, will resell Motio software to achieve higher performance and efficiency for customers utilizing IBM Cognos technologies. Focus Business Solutions specializes in offering business management solutions to clients which includes the full spectrum of Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence and Information Management. The philosophy at Focus is to help customers achieve success in business by providing high value solutions and reducing their operating costs of IT. Focus’ business objectives and Motio’s value-added software for Cognos make a natural fit for a partnership.

"Since Focus is a trusted advisor to our customers, we have made the decision to include Motio’s solutions in our offerings to generate more value for our customers,” said Gonzalo Herrero, Focus Business Solutions President. “Knowledge of the best value-added software is where partners can generate real value for their customers. The right value-added software can increase the performance, increase operational efficiency, reduce the cost of investment or generate information to audit the access and publications for governance and compliance. Consequently, Focus will present the Motio Solutions to our customers."

Focus Business Solutions will re-sell Motio’s full suite of products that extend and streamline Cognos. This includes their flagship product, MotioCI, which provides version control, automated testing and release management capabilities for Cognos, and MotioPI, which has a FREE and economically priced Professional version that eases the burdens many report authors, modelers and administrators face on a daily basis by automating error-prone and tedious tasks.

"I am very excited about our collaboration with Focus Business Solutions. With Focus as our business partner, we strengthen our position in Argentina and extend to two other important markets: Chile and Peru. With this partnership, we are able to assist Focus’ IBM Cognos clients in lowering their cost and effort of implementing, migrating and maintaining their IBM Cognos BI environment," said Edwin van Megesen, Motio Sales Director of South America.

Lynn Moore, Motio CEO says, “South America is a strong market for IBM Cognos. This partnership with Focus is a logical fit for our company’s strategy regarding South America. With our product offerings, Focus Business Solutions enable their customers to reach the next level in their BI implementations."

About Motio Inc

Motio produces award-winning software focused on optimizing the quality, scalability, and security of IBM Cognos Environments. Motio software is used by customers in over 60 countries around the globe. Motio, an IBM Premier Business Partner, empowers Cognos teams by removing burdens and enabling them to focus on the essential complexity of Business Intelligence.

For more information about Motio, visit http://www.motio.com

About Focus Business Solutions

Focus Business Solutions is a regional company in Latin America, with offices in Argentina, Chile and Peru, headed by professionals with a strong orientation to business, who have extensive experience in the market of information technologies. Focus has provided solutions based on technology since 1999. The objective of Focus is to help its customers achieve success in its business by providing high value solutions and allowing them to focus on its main competences, reducing its operating costs of IT. Focus specializes in offering business management solutions- Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence and Information Management. Focus holds certifications on InfoSphere, Optim, Netezza, Guardium, Cognos, TM1, Tivoli Automation, ECM and more.

For more information about Focus Business Solutions, visit http://www.focusbs.com

Client Case Studies

Achieving the most accurate and reliable BI implementations with Motio

"MotioCI is an active insurance policy. It is doing exactly what we wanted it to do."

—Molly Doyle, University of Colorado

"The automated testing provided by MotioCI proved invaluable. With so many reports being created and modified, and the framework model and data sources evolving, it was a huge advantage to have MotioCI proactively pointing out inconsistencies and errors."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"Our users were wowed by the functionality of MotioADF. The self-service nature of this application has reduced our number of support requests. Even a user with little or no training is able to figure the interface out and immediately become productive."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"We had one report author delete a series of reports and could not recover them without restoring the entire Cognos Content Store, thus losing all of the work completed since the last backup. We know how valuable version control is and we knew we had to have it."

—Dustin Jordan,...

"By having MotioCI we directly save 500 hours per year on hiring external specialists, so we actually reduce our out-of-pocket costs."

—Rob Bakker, Eneco

"The relationshiop with Motio is an integral part of our rapidly expanding BICC, enabling holistic change control and proactive issues resolution on our critical reporting portfolio. It has and will continue to increase end user satisfaction and reduce total cost of ownership of our...

"With the complexity of our user interface, it would have taken us twice as long as it did if we had not started with Motio's software. They worked alongside of us to provide the best user interface for the product and the end results are quite impressive."

—Sheila Higgins, Avaya...

"When our Dev content store crashed, we had just implemented MotioCI four months prior. If we had not had MotioCI, we would have been in a really, really bad situation. Right there, it paid for itself. We would have lost months worth of development effort that was only in the Dev environment...

"I know of one instance several weeks ago where a set of reports went missing off the development environment and a ticket was submitted for the BACC support team. We were able to quickly show them how you can just restore the missing reports using MotioCI and their panic was over. It's...

"After we deploy to production, if something was missed in testing, or we have an issue, we can very easily roll back to a previous version using the MotioCI tool."

- Jon Coote, CIRA

"We could not manage our environment without MotioCI. The release team is no longer the bottleneck. Processes are going smoothly."

—Richard Wylde, Catlin

"Finding a solution which minimized risk and guaranteed that our existing security policies remained intact was very important to us. We were very impressed with the smoothness of the transition."

—Lisa Kelley, HealthPort